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Truck Scale Cost

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From the moment you decide to buy a weighbridge, it means a series of complicated preparations.

For example: choose the site, build the foundation, choose the scale supplier, maintain the truck scale.

The cost of the weighbridge includes the cost of building the foundation, the labor cost, the cost of the weighbridge, the installation cost of the weighbridge, and the after-sales maintenance cost.

There are high and low prices for weighbridges on the market. How to choose the most suitable weighbridge?

There are many factors that affect the price of weighbridges, with different structures and different prices.

Since the most popular structure of weighbridge is U-shaped beam, take this as an example:

1. Steel: This is one of the most important factors affecting the price of the weighbridge. The price of the steel roughly determines the basic price of the weighbridge; the structure affect the stability of the weighbridge .

2. Load cell / Sensors: There are good and bad load cell / sensors, the quality is different, and the prices of sensors with different accuracy are also different.

3. Instrument / Weighing indicator: Like the sensor, the instrument has good and bad quality. The quality determines the price, and the price of the instrument with printing will be higher.

4. Some optional components: such as computers, software, etc., which have a certain influence in the final total price.

5. After-sales service: Choosing a professional installation, commissioning and reliable quality supplier can greatly reduce your after-sales maintenance costs.


As a supplier with 30 years of experience in weighing scale production, Wanggong Electronic Scale Factory has accumulated a lot of experience in production, installation and after-sales to ensure that customers can save time and costs.


The truck scale cost breakdown of the Wanggong Electronic Scales Factory is as follows:

4. Management of goods in and out, name and code of receiving and delivering unit;

5. General statistics, query and report management of the above information;

6. Printing of weighing sheet and above information.